Joe Ritchie

Joe Ritchie

Chef at Goldfinch Tavern

Joe spent some time working as sous chef for the venerable Herbfarm before taking an Executive Chef job in Colorado. When he finally decided to return to the Pacific Northwest, Joe spent time at Poppy and helped reopen Ray's Boathouse before becoming the chef at Mkt. He is now the restaurant chef at Goldfinch Tavern inside Four Seasons, Seattle's only Forbe's Five-Star hotel. 


Snoqualmie, Wa. It's a wet place

First Restaurant Job

Flipping burgers at the Alpental ski area. I was known as AlpenJoe. Still am

Last Restaurant Job

Ray's Boathouse

Alternate Universe Career

Gentleman Farmer

Favorite Late Night Snack

Mi Viet Tiem-duck soup with egg noodles.

Best Meal Ever

Tojo's...wait, French Laundry....wait...I have no idea. Great meals are measured on a sliding scale; as I get older things change and I find myself harder to impress but easier to please . Meals early on in my career had to be over-the-top and extravagant. Now it just has to hit the right notes at the right time. I appreciate the simple things more than ever and often it's something as simple as the first bowl of Pho on the side of a busy street in Saigon or a nicely cooked burger at a family BBQ.

After Work Hangout

Oliver's Twist

Secret Ingredient


Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Poppy, Bar Sajor, Delancey Pizza, Fat Hen

Food Philosophy

Keep it simple and make it meaningful. The best food has deep roots in culture, history, family, religion…something with meaning that we can identify with or that sparks a memory.

Restaurant Pet Peeve

I hate it when people sit outside on a sunny day (rare here) and then use an umbrella to block the bloody sun. Makes no sense!!

What do you love about Seattle?

I love the seafood, views, close proximity to the mountains and the diversity of food.

Favorite Place In The World

Ouray, Colorado. Coolest, most beautiful place I've ever seen.

Memorable Kitchen Disaster

I’ll make it brief: banquet dinner, rare chicken, lots of people. Bad Day.

Can't Live Without


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